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Why Use Arbitration Over Legal Litigation?

Arbitration Over Legal Litigation | Save Money

Arbitration is generally less expensive than legal litigation and provides for faster resolution through flexible scheduling and simpler rules. Arbitration results are confidential, only made public with the consent of the parties involved.


Arbitration vs Court Litigation:

Arbitration Over Legal Litigation | Save Money. Arbitration is a non-voluntary alternative dispute resolution process. Unlike mediation, a knowledgeable, independent, and impartial third party is empowered to make a decision. The arbitrator hears the disagreement between one or more parties and after considering all relevant information renders a final decision in favor of one of the parties. Arbitration decisions may be either binding or non-binding,depending on the terms of the arbitration agreement. Binding arbitration decisions may be confirmed by a court and carry the same significance as a court judgment.




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