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How Is Arbitration Different From A Court Trial?

Arbitration or Court | Avoid Litigation Trial Costs


The outcome of a trial can usually be appealed. Arbitration usually cannot be appealed. Arbitration is usually less formal than a trial. The rules of evidence may or may not be followed, depending on what guidelines the parties agree to. An arbitrator can be more flexible than a judge, because before the arbitration begins, both sides can agree to what guidelines and structure the arbitrator is to consider and follow in rendering the ‘arbitration award’.


Arbitration or Court | Avoid Litigation Trial Costs. Arbitration is a non-voluntary alternative dispute resolution process. Unlike mediation, a knowledgeable, independent, and impartial third party is empowered to make a decision. The arbitrator hears the disagreement between one or more parties and after considering all relevant information renders a final decision in favor of one of the parties. Arbitration decisions may be either binding or non-binding,depending on the terms of the arbitration agreement. Binding arbitration decisions may be confirmed by a court and carry the same significance as a court judgment.




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